Here are some examples of my work.


Childhood Portraiture

Let me capture little magic moments for your family to treasure forever.

I can come to your home or we can spend some time together in one of the lovely outdoor spots I know.

My prices are reasonable and my images delightful.

All prints are archival and intended to last more than one lifetime.


Creative Portraiture

Express your creativity by collaborating with me to create unique personal works of art.

Engage me and I will work with you to design a special photoshoot experience that tells an imaginative story.

Your images will look like they're straight off a gallery wall or the pages of a magazine.


Exhibited Artworks

I am an exhibiting photographic artist who includes cameraless photography and other alternative photographic processes in my work.

Many of the techniques I use can be traced back to photography’s early beginnings: mixing chemicals and coating paper to make it sensitive to light, using the sun instead of an enlarger, and placing objects on the paper to record their image.

Some of the processes I use are digital. Some are hybrid of both analogue and digital. I make photograms, scanograms, cyanotypes, and salt prints. 


Commercial Portraits & Events

Some special events, like parties, conferences and launches demand documenting. Outsource this to me and I will capture these key moments for posterity.

Need an engaging portrait? My aim is to quickly put you at ease and photograph you in the most flattering way. 


My background in PR means I understand the type of images you need and the professional service you demand.

Call or email me for a quote today.